Sense of Justice

Alahazrat had a habit of chewing betel (paan), which is common in North-India.

Once when he was in retreat [iýtikāf] in Ramađān, a boy delayed bringing betel after ifţār. He was slightly annoyed and he cuffed the lad saying: “Why so late?” Thereafter, he called the boy and said: “I was wrong when I cuffed you earlier; it was not your fault. So please forgive me and slap me on my head.” The boy was terrified, as were Alahazrat’s attendants. The boy was shivering and he repeatedly implored: “Sir, I have forgiven you.” Alahazrat said: “You are still a minor and you do not have the authority to forgive.” Eventually, Alahazrat held the boy’s hand and slapped upon his own head a number of times, and gave the boy a handful of coins before sending him away. His love and hate was only for the sake of Allāh. He neither hankered after praise, nor was he hurt by criticism.

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