What is Found on This Site

This website seeks to provide information about the life and works of Imām Aĥmad Riđā Khān (may Allāh táālā be pleased with him).

The most important feature of this website is the catalogue of books found in the download pages. On these pages, you will find books by Alahazrat and by other ulama on Alahazrat and his works organised in categories. A brief description of each category is given below.


Main Page: Published Works of Alahazrat

All the works of Alahazrat that have been published hitherto (and are available as PDFs) can be found on this page. The books are categorised as follows (under tabs):

Fatāwā Ridawiyyah 30 Volume Edition: This is the relatively new edition of the Fatāwā – an ambitious task spearheaded by Muftī Ábdu’l Qayyum Hazarwi and ably supported and seen to its completion by Mawlānā Muftī Ábdu’l Sattar Saýīdi. A brief history of this revised edition can be found here. This was hand-written as computerised printing of Urdu works was not yet available at the time of this publication.

Fatāwā Ridawiyyah 30 Volume (Typed): The Fatāwā edition is editable text composed using computer software.

Fatāwā Ridawiyyah 12 Volume Old Edition: This is the first compilation of the fatāwā in 12 volumes, and in which 128 monographs were included.

Monographs (Rasā’il) extracted from the 30-Vol Edition: The Raza Foundation edition included 206 monographs in the 30-vol Fatāwā. We have extracted these monographs from the fatāwā PDF and presented with uniform covers.

Kanz al-Īymān Editions, Translations and Tafsīr: Various editions of Kanz that are available online, including in Bengali and Hindi scripts.

Major Works (Urdu): These are major works of Alahazrat other than the Fatāwā (even though some are included in the fatāwā as well).

Major Works (Arabic): These are not included in the Fatāwā and were originally written in Arabic.

Marginalia (Ĥawāshī): Books on which Alahazrat has written notes.

Old and Individual Prints of Alahazrat’s Books (Urdu/Arabic): These are books that were published separately and were not included in the fatāwā until the 1990s.


Main Page: Manuscripts, Letters

Manuscripts of Famous Works: These are manuscripts of famous works, some found in Makkan libraries.

Manuscripts of Alahazrat’s Own Hand: These manuscripts are in the hand of Alahazrat.

Manuscripts of Alahazrat in the Hand of Scribes: Various scribes have copied these works – some could have been dictated by Alahazrat or copied from his notes on printed books. The manuscripts have been categorised according to topics.

Letters: These are letters written by Alahazrat on postcards as was the practice of that time.


Main Page: Translations and Derived Works

Originally in Urdu -> Translated into Arabic: These are books written by Alahazrat originally in Urdu and were translated into Arabic by later scholars.

Originally in Arabic -> Translated into Urdu: These are books written by Alahazrat originally in Arabic and were later translated into Urdu by scholars.

Translation of Alahazrat in Other Languages: Translations of Alahazrat’s books in English; with links to external sites that have collections of these translations.

Derived Works: These are books derived from Alahazrat’s works such as the ĥadīth compilation of Muftī Hanif Riđawī who gathered all the ĥadīth mentioned in Alahazrat’s fatāwā in ten volumes.

Commentaries on Alahazrat’s Works: Some works of Alahazrat have received commentaries and they are found here.


Main Page: Books on Alahazrat

Biographies of Alahazrat – Urdu

Biographies of Alahazrat – Arabic, English, etc

Eulogies: These are collections of essays on the life and work of the Imām.

Critical Studies: Some are Ph.D theses and some are works of critical appreciation – on the life, the thought, the mission and the works of Alahazrat.

Alahazrat’s Poetry – Commentaries & Critical Appreciation: Commentaries on poetical works of Alahazrat, critical appreciation and translations of Alahazrat’s poetry.

In Defense of Kanz al-Iyman: Among the many ignoramuses who have tried to fault Alahazrat’s translation of the Qur’ān, the Deobandis have been the worst. Our úlamā however, have refuted their foolish and ignorant allegations and explained how Kanz remains the most superior translation in the Urdu language.

Refutation of Slanders against the Imām: These are refutations of slanders by Deobandī khubatha.

Books on Khulafa of Alahazrat: A number of books on the lives of the Khulafa of Alahazrat can be found on the Khulafa page.

Bibliographies: Various bibliographies related to books of Alahazrat can be found on the bibliographies page.

The numbers mentioned are approximate, and are meant to give an idea of the number of books catalogued on this site. Lists of all the books within each category (and their authors) will be provided on the bibliographies page. In sha’Allāh wa bi tawfiqihi. Reviews and descriptions of books will also be added in the coming months, in Sha’Allāh.

Manuscripts of Famous Works
Manuscripts in Alahazrat’s Own Hand
Manuscripts of Alahazrat in the Hand of Scribes
Originally in Urdu -> Translated into Arabic
Originally in Arabic -> Translated into Urdu
Translation of Alahazrat in English, Other Languages
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Derived Works
Commentaries on Alahazrat’s Works