Books catalogued and linked on this site were downloaded from various websites on the internet, prominently from and Many books were also downloaded from and were found by keyword search. A major problem I encountered in fishing out these books was that they were strewn around, with neither a standard naming scheme nor found in a single repository, nor were books categorised according to subject and placed in separate containers. It is therefore, that I had to first download all the files that I could find, categorise them and upload them on the site. All the files linked on our website can be found in a single location: and placed in folders.

APPEAL: We request our brothers and sisters to send us any material that you may have, which may not be found on this site. You can either send us the links for download or by send the books directly to our mailbox:

Many thanks to brothers who helped in bringing up the site and continue to help in maintaining it; especially, brothers Ahmad Raza and Syed Faheem Jeelani. May Allah taala reward all others who have supported us by way of encouragement, review and suggestions.

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