Mujmal al-Mu'addad

The earliest bibliography of Alahazrat’s works compiled by his student Shaykh Zafaruddin Bihari in 1327 AH in which he has listed 350 books.

Al-Musannafat al-Ridawiyyah

This a revised 2013 compilation by Shaykh Abdul Mubin Numani. The first edition was published in 2004.


Musannafat Alahazrat

The second volume of Mawlana Zafaruddin Bihari’s Hayat e Alahazrat contains a bibliography which has been extracted for easy reference. 138 pages.

Listing in Insaf al Imam

Bibliography in the biography: “Insaf al-Imam”. Of special mention is the list of monographs in the older 12 volume edition of Fatawa Ridawiyyah.

Musannif e Aazam

Essays and critical studies on the books of Alahazrat by various ulama in 994 pages.
Editors: Mawlana Fayzan al-Mustafa and Mawlana Tariq Anwar.

Tasanif e Mujaddid e Islam

An alphabetical bibliographical work by Mawlana Tariq Anwar.

Rasayil Razawiyyah

The covers of 50 volumes of Rasayil Ridawiyyah that contain 250 books and monographs of Alahazrat published by Mawlana Hanif Rizwi.

Ta'lifat from Alahazrat Qari Number

This is extracted from the well-received special issue of Al-Qari magazine, Alahazrat Number which carried a section on books of Alahazrat.

Muqaddimat Ridawiyyah

A compilation of introductions to Alahazrat’s books by Mawlana Abdul Hakim Sharaf Qadri.

Khazinatu'l Ilm (Manuscript)

Compiled by Abdul Sattar Hamdani
Contains list of 830 books, alphabetical listing of works, chronological listing of books.

List of 206 monographs

List of 206 monographs in 30-Vol Fatawa Ridawiyyah

List of 206 monographs

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List of 206 monographs in 30-Vol Fatawa Ridawiyyah