Giving Respectfully

Alahazrat had immense respect for scholars and sayyids.[1] One of the indications of sincere love of the Prophet ﷺ is to love and respect his heirs – righteous scholars and his progeny. Once a sayyid who had fallen into penury came to his door and said: “Can somebody help a sayyid?” Alahazrat had received money for his monthly expenses that very day and he took the till which was full of currency notes and coins, and presented it to the sayyid. The sayyid looked at the box and picked up a single quarter. Alahazrat said: “Master, you can take as much as you wish.” The sayyid replied: “This is enough” and he left.

Alahazrat instructed his servants that henceforth, the sayyid should receive his grant as soon as he arrives and even before he asks.

[1] Sayyid: Descendant of the Prophet ﷺ

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