Khutbah of Fatawa

Alahazrat’s magnum opus, Fatawa Ridawiyyah begins with a beautiful preface. The opening praise of Allah ta’ala and blessings upon the Prophet sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam [hamd and salawat] are both composed using the names of books, imams and appellations. This infographic lists the names, along with the authors of books mentioned, a mapped color coded translation will in sha Allah help us appreciate the eloquence and brilliance of this masterpiece. subHan Allah !

[Short history: I had translated this khutbah and listed books mentioned back in October 2004 and posted on Sunniport. Thereafter, I began compiling a short risalah listing the books mentioned and the authors, which led to this quicker version as an infographic, first released in 2016].


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