Tamhīd e Īmān

Tamhīd e Īmān ba Ayat e Qur’an

The Preamble to Faith

A passionate appeal to Muslims to shun those who disrespect and insult the Messenger ﷺ and to remember that the basis of faith is love and respect of RasūlAllāh ﷺ. The verses of Qur’ān, which exhort Muslims to love the Prophet ﷺ and to sever relations with those who attempt to diminish his lofty stature, are cited and explained beautifully; statements of blasphemy by some religious leaders and the implications are analysed to explain the rationale behind the ruling of kufr.


Tamhid e Iman is a monograph, but written as a preface to the Urdu translation of Husam al-Haramayn (as declared on the front page of the first edition in 1326 AH) and was usually printed together until much later when the preface was published as a separate monograph. It is therefore that some old editions print Tamhid and Husam together.

Many translations of the book are available in English, including one published by Ridawi Press titled: The Preamble to Faith, with more than 400 explanatory footnotes.

No. of. Pages: 61
Order in FR: Risalah #199 (in volume 30)