Şafāyiĥ al-Lujayn

Şafāyiĥ al-Lujayn fi Kawn at-Taşāfuĥ bi Kaffay al-Yadayn

Strata of Silver: On Greeting With Both Hands

Among the many strange and literal interpretations of the anti-madh’hab sects is that they consider grasping both hands during a handshake as a bidáh and that it is not permissible. They claim that it contradicts the ĥadīth as the word yad or ‘one hand’ is mentioned in the ĥadīth.

Alahazrat had planned to answer it in detail the following Friday, and it slipped from his mind as he became busy during the week. He then saw Imām Qāđī Khān in his dream who advised “Their reliance is upon the ĥadīth of Anas; but it will not avail them.” When Alahazrat opened his eyes, it was time for the Fajr prayer. While making wuđū he begins to think about the dream and recalls that the ĥadīth the imām indicated was the one found in Tirmidhī. Building upon this, he wrote the book which is another masterpiece of ĥadīth analysis and study in derivation.

No. of. Pages: 61
Order in FR: Risalah #139 (volume 22)