Qahr al-Dayyān

 Qahr al-Dayyān álā Murtadd bi-Qādiyān

The Wrath of the Timeless: upon the Apostate in Qadian

Mirzā Ghulām of Qādiyān, rose to prominence as a reformer, but soon his heresies came to the fore and he blasphemed against prophets and particularly, Sayyidunā Ýīsā (alayhi’s salam) and his mother, Sayyidah Mariyam [Virgin Mary]. Mirza went on to claim prophethood for himself and a number of weak Muslims fell prey to his cult. Some Qādiyānī converts challenged Sunni scholars for a debate and a number of articles and counter-articles were written during this exchange. Alahazrat had earlier listed a number of blasphemies uttered by the apostate Mirzā Ghulām and outlined conditions for a debate in an epistle named: Hidāyat e Nūrī ba Jawāb e Iţţilāá e Zarūrī. This work is a quick and handy guide listing the blasphemies and heresies of Mirzā, with references from the apostate’s own books.

No. of. Pages: 61
Order in FR: Risalah #112 (volume 15)