Maqāmiý al-Ĥadīd

Maqāmiý al-Ĥadīd álā Khadd al-Manţiq al-Jadīd

The Iron-fisted Punch in the Face of Novel Philosophies

A self-styled scholar wrote Manţiq al-Jadīd, a collection of philosophical meanderings, in which he posits blatantly anti-Islamic arguments. Alahazrat refutes this book with both rational and revealed proofs, often refuting the philosopher using his own arguments, reminiscent of Imam al-Ghazzali. Alahazrat was only 32 when he wrote this in 1304 AH, and senior scholars such as Mawlānā Irshād Ĥusayn Rāmpūrī and Shaykh Muĥammad Luţfullāh attested it.

Note: An Arabic translation is also available.

No. of. Pages: 61
Order in FR: Risalah #171 (volume 27)