Kifl al-Faqīh al-Fāhim

Kifl al-Faqīh al-Fāhim fī Aĥkāmi Qirţās al-Darāhim

Sufficient Provision for the Intelligent Jurist Concerning Currency Notes

During his second Ĥajj, two scholars of Makkah, Shaykh Ábdullāh Mīrdād and Shaykh Ĥāmid Jaddāwī posed ten questions concerning currency notes, which Alahazrat answered in less than two days. Shaykh Ábdullāh Şiddīq, the Chief Mufti of Ĥanafīs in Makkah found this book in the ĥaram library soon after it was written and began reading it right away. Alahazrat was also sitting in the room and the Shaykh had not met him before. Incidentally, Shaykh Jamāl, the previous Chief Mufti of Makkah had issued a fatwā on the same issue, which was deemed the standard reference, in spite of not being the definitive answer.

Alahazrat quotes Ibn Humām as a key proof for his argument:

“If a person sells a piece of paper for a thousand, it is permissible, without anything dislikeable about it.”

When Shaykh Ábdullāh reached this point, he slapped his thigh in amazement and said: “How could Jamāl miss this!” Thereafter, when Shaykh Ismāýīl Khalīl introduced Alahazrat, he rushed to meet him, even though he was elder to Alahazrat. Deobandī scholars have also praised the juridical abilities of the Imām citing this book as an example.

No. of. Pages: 61
Order in FR: Risalah #118 (volume 17)