Jumal an-Nūr

Jumal an-Nūr fi’n Nahyi’n Nisā’a án Ziyārati’l Qubūr

Lustrous Lines on the Prohibition of Women Visiting Graves

Alahazrat was asked about women visiting graves, the practice having been ruled permissible by Mawlānā Fađlu’r Rasūl in his Taş’ĥīĥu’l Masāyil and [Ibn Nujaym] in Baĥr ar-Rāyiq. Alahazrat responded to the query, saying:

I prefer the contrary opinion and my fatwā was published in Tuĥfah e Ĥanafīyyah long ago. I considered it objectionable for women to visit graves of Awliyā’a or others following the master, Shaykh Ibrāhīm Ĥalabī as mentioned in his Ghunyah; except to visit the radiant mausoleum of RasūlAllāh which is either wājib or almost wājib, based on the exemption mentioned in Baĥr ar-Rāyiq. Particularly in our times, when the storms of indiscretion rage unchecked – dancing, music, singing have become rampant, excesses committed by ignoramuses in [what should have been] austere anniversaries. I find it dislikable for even men to go to such places, let alone those folk whom RasūlAllāh  termed “delicate glasses”, advising Anjashah to recite softly.

* Ĥadīth of Muslim #2323, Kitāb al-Fađāyil. Reported by Anas ibn Mālik, that RasūlAllāh ﷺ was on a journey and a slave named Anjashah sang [to drive the camel] and RasūlAllāh ﷺ told him: “Softly, lest you break the glasses”.

No. of. Pages: 26
Order in FR: Risalah #060 (volume 09)