Ĥājiz al-Baĥrayn

Ĥājiz al-Baĥrayn al-Wāqī án Jamýi al-Şalātayn

The Barrier Between the Two Seas that Prevent Combining Two Prayers

This is a comprehensive answer to a question as to whether it is permissible to combine two prayers at one time, if there is a valid excuse. Alahazrat explains the Ĥanafī position and proves it from the ĥadīth and practice of companions and tābiýīn. A two line question was accorded a 150 page answer which is an extensive study in fiqh, ĥadīth, narrators, narrator-criticism and comparitive fiqh!

This is mainly a refutation of Miý-yāru’l Ĥaqq by Nazīr Ĥusayn Dihlawī, the leading anti-madh’hab heretic who had an intense hatred of the Ĥanafī madh’hab. Alahazrat exposes the ĥadīth knowledge of the so-called mujtahid, and demonstrates that he is unfit to be considered an ordinary student of ĥadīth.

No. of. Pages: 157
Order in FR: Risalah #031 (volume 05)