Fatawa al-Haramayn

Fatāwā al-Ĥaramayn bi Rajafi Nadwati’l Mayn

Rulings of the Two Sanctuaries Quaking the Foundations of Deceptive Assembly

A collection of fatāwā refuting the Nadwah and its conglomerate of assorted heretics: Wahabīs, Rāfīđīs and Naturalists.  This association was formed to unify Sunni scholars, but instead turned out to be a quasi-perennialist[1] society. Alahazrat and many other Sunni scholars distanced themselves from it and refuted the Nadwah after the first conference revealed its true nature.

This is a fatwā answering 28 questions; and Alahazrat wrote it in a mere twenty hours.  This was sent to prominent scholars in the ĥaramayn who attested it and praised its author. A manuscript of this fatāwā numbered MS.698 can be found on the website of the King Saud University as of this writing.[2] I first discovered this manuscript on an older version of the website [makhtota.ksu.edu.sa], attributed to ‘Ábdu’l Muşţafā’ – and we posted this information on our forums; not long thereafter, the curators removed information about the MS, presumably to prevent it from being digitally searched; also, four pages criticizing (critical of) the Wahābīs have disappeared (have been quietly removed, have been suppressed, are no longer available).

[1] Where perennialists argue that “all religions lead to truth,” Nadwa claimed to unify all who say lā ilāha illā Allāh, irrespective of their orientations, aberrations or heresies.

[2] Revised edition, October 2015.

Dar Ahl al-Sunnah has published this in modern format with footnotes (linked).
Old editions are also available. See here, here, and here.

No. of. Pages: 186
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