Dhayl al-Muddáā

Dhayl al-Muddáā li Aĥsan al-Wiáā li Ādāb ad-Duáā

A Desirable Supplement for: The Beautiful Receptacle on the Etiquette of Prayer

Mawlānā Naqī Álī Khān (Alahazrat’s father) has written a book on supplication, the etiquette and essence of prayer and causes for prayers to be accepted or rejected titled Aĥsanu’l Wiáā. Alahazrat wrote a commentary on this book and has mentioned some insights that are not even found in classic duáā manuals like Al-Hişn al-Ĥaşīn of Imam al-Jazari and Al-Adhkār of Imam Al-Nawawi.


This is published by Dawat e Islami with a simpler title: “Fazayil e Dua”. An old edition published by Raza Academy, Bombay, is also available.

No. of. Pages: 329
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