Barakāt al-Imdād

Barakāt al-Imdād li Ahl al-Istimdād

The Blessing of Aid for Those Who Seek Aid

The opening chapter of the Qur’ān teaches us to supplicate: “We seek help only from Thee.” Therefore, is it not wrong to ask awliyā’a or prophets for help? Wahābīs cite this verse and claim that seeking help from anyone else is polytheism. In another verse: “Verily, I have turned my face only towards Him..” and claim that calling upon others [for help] is polytheism. He cites Qur’ānic verses and ĥadīth to prove that seeking help from prophets and awliyā’a does not contradict the absolute injunction: “Thee alone we seek help.” Because when we seek help from Prophets and righteous people, we do that as a form of intercession – and absolute help is only from Allāh táālā, and Him alone. Alahazrat lists 33 ĥadīth to prove permissibility of seeking help from awliyā’a.

No. of. Pages: 61
Order in FR: Risalah #130 (volume 21)