Al-Zubdah al-Zakiyyah

Al-Zubdah al-Zakiyyah li Taĥrīmi Sujūd al-Taĥiyyah

The Pure Cream: On the Prohibition of Prostration in Homage

A certain shaykh permitted prostration [sajdah] in reverence and cited the case of angels prostrating to Sayyidunā Ādam (alayhi’s salam) and other such examples in the Qur’ān as his proof. Alahazrat refuted this heresy and proved from various ĥadīth that it is impermissible. In fact, this work is an example of his superlative talent in derivation from ĥadīth which was acclaimed even by his enemies. The first few lines of his answer give the gist of the book:

O Muslim! O obedient follower of the Sharīáh of Muşţafā . Know, and know it with certitude that it is not permitted to prostrate to anyone except to the Lord Almighty Allāh, Glorified is He. If one prostrates to anyone else in worship, it is abject idolatry and patent disbelief; prostration in reverence or as a greeting [taĥiyyah] is strictly forbidden, ĥarām, an enormity; and whether it is kufr is debated by scholars – one group rules them kāfir, but upon examination, it is found to be superficial kufr… indeed, prostrating to an idol or a cross, the sun or the moon will be ruled kāfir absolutely.

Note: An Arabic translation is also available.

No. of. Pages: 61
Order in FR: Risalah #141 (volume 22)