Al-Şāfiyah al-Mūĥiyah

Al-Şāfiyah al-Mūĥiyah li-Ĥukmi Julūd al-Uđĥiyah

Lucid Inspiration Concerning Hides of Sacrificed Animals

Is it permissible to sell the hide of sacrificed animals? Or is it necessary to give it away in charity? Is it permissible to sell the rope and stick used to tie the animal or should it be given as alms?

Alahazrat explains in detail that jurists prohibited selling sacrifical hides for mere financial gain, without any intention to benefit oneself or others. The key premise for this ruling is the objective of sacrifice; which is to seek the pleasure of Allāh táālā by spending money for, not making money from, a sacrifice. The third answer is an inquiry and lexical analysis of the Arabic word khiţām, which means a strap or rope tied through the nose of the animal.

No. of. Pages: 61
Order in FR: Risalah #127 (volume 20)