Al-Mustanad al-Mútamad Binā’ Najāti’l Abad

The Reliable Document: A Foundation for Everlasting Salvation

A marginalia on the work Mútaqad al-Muntaqad of Shaykh Fadl ar-Rasūl Badāyūnī, one of the foremost Sunni scholars who refuted Ismāýīl Dihlawī. It is in this marginalia that Alahazrat issued the ruling of kufr on certain Deobandī scholars, and it is an extract of this fatwā which was presented to the scholars of the two sanctuaries, who affirmed that the ruling was correct and wrote attestations, collected in one volume as Ĥusām al-Ĥaramayn álā Manĥari’l Kufri wa’l Mayn.


Imam Shah Fadl ar-Rasūl Badāyūnī was the student of Shāh Abdu’l Ázīz Dihlawī. By descent, he was from the family of the third Caliph, Sayyidunā Úthmān . A great kalām scholar and a Ĥanafī Imām, he wrote many books defending the beliefs of Ahl as-Sunnah and in exposing the heresies of Ismāýīl Dihlawī and his fellow Wahābīs. He passed away in 1289 AH (1872). Among his books refuting Wahābīsm are Al-Bawāriq al-Muĥammadiyyah and Sayf al-Jabbār. His son, Shaykh Ábdu’l Qādir Badāyūni was also a prominent Sunni scholar, and at the vanguard of those who refuted Wahābīsm; Alahazrat had a very high regard for him, and the feeling was mutual even though Shaykh Badāyūnī was senior to Alahazrat.


Multiple editions of this work are available, including a very old print from Alahazrat’s time. In recent times, it was also published from Bradford and from Egypt with a new title: Tanqiyatu’l Iman. The latest version is published by Dar Ahl al-Sunnah.

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