Al-Malfūż (in Four Volumes)

The Dicta

A collection of sayings of Alahazrat in various gatherings collected and compiled by his younger son Mawlānā Muşţafā Riđā Khān in four parts. These sayings are mainly answers to questions on various topics containing numerous ĥadīth, verses, tafsīr, finer points of fiqh, insights in uşūl al-fiqh and uşūl al-ĥadīth, opinions on taşawwuf, doctrine and anecdotes. In all, there are 610 questions and the answers contain 194 Qur’ānic verses, 306 Ĥadīth and 157 anecdotes, said extempore.


Multiple editions of this book are available. The edition produced by Dawat e Islami is the best to date, except for a few aberrations. Some Deobandis criticised the opinions of Alahazrat in Al-Malfuz, and the editors who produced the book probably felt that they had no answer to Deobandi allegations and hence altered some statements. This has been heavily criticised by those opposed to Dawat e Islami (and in any case, it was incorrect); however, the fact remains that the DI edition is indexed by topics and printed in modern format.

No. of. Pages: 563
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