Al-Kawkabah al-Shihābiyyah

Al-Kawkabah al-Shihābiyyah fī Kufriyyāti Ab al-Wahābiyyah

The Thundering Fireball: Upon the Heresies of the Father of Wahabism

The seed of Wahābī heresy in India was planted by Ismāýīl Dihlawī. Even though Deobandīs pretend that they have nothing to do with Wahābīs, their elders were great admirers of Ismāýīl (who was slain by upright Muslims in Balakot – but Deobandī/Wahābī followers colour it as a martyrdom) and his books Taqwiyatu’l Īmān, Yīđāĥ al-Ĥaqq, Şirāţ e Mustaqīm, Yak Rozī and Tanwīru’l Áynān are extolled, read and celebrated in their circles. Rashīd Gangohī went so far as to declare in a fatwā, that the possession of Taqwiyatu’l Īmān is essentially faith itself!

In response to a question about this man, Alahazrat listed 70 statements from his books which cause apostasy, and proved these statements to be kufr according to ĥadīth and fiqh. Deobandīs slander Alahazrat and spread lies that he unfairly criticised Ismāýīl. We invite Deobandīs and other assorted Wahābīs to write a detailed refutation of this book and disprove Alahazrat. In spite of these 70 statements of kufr, Alahazrat exercises extreme caution and abstains from making takfīr of Ismāýīl and says:

Scholars are still discussing the difference between luzūm (necessitating) and iltizām (becoming necessary). It is one thing for a statement to be kufr, and an entirely different thing to rule the person kāfir on account of that statement..”

He also says:

“Cautious scholars have preferred to withhold from making takfīr of this man..”

Nuh Keller, an American translator acting as a mouthpiece for Deobandīs, accused Alahazrat of being hasty in takfīr in his lengthy article: Īmān, Kufr and Takfīr, which is full of lies and distortions. It seems that the prime objective of this piece was only to exonerate the Deobandī elders and cast aspersions on Alahazrat. Keller was refuted in my book The Killer Mistake, first released in October 2013.

No. of. Pages: 61
Order in FR: Risalah #104 (volume 15)