Al-Jawd al-Ĥuluw

Al-Jawd al-Ĥuluw fī Arkān al-Wuđū’u

The Sweet Downpour: On the Mandatory Constituents of Ablution

This is a question asked by his student Mawlānā Żafaruddīn Bihārī, inquiring about the number of farđ and wājib in wuđū. Alahazrat explains the principles and classification of actions. Even though the original question is in Urdu, Alahazrat has given the fatwā mostly in Arabic because the questioner was also an accomplished scholar and his prominent student. This is an important work on Uşūl al-Fiqh and is a recommended read for every aspiring mufti and student of fiqh.

Note: An Arabic translation is also available.

No. of. Pages: 61
Order in FR: Risalah #002 (volume 01)