Process Optimisation

Once Mawlānā Amjad Álī and three others were handed a set of 29 letters [by Alahazrat]. These four scholars would read the letters aloud and Alahazrat dictated the answer and they would write down the answers.

The queuing process was quite efficient: the first scholar would read the letter and Alahazrat would dictate a few lines and by the time the first scribe was busy writing, the second would read the letter and Alahazrat would dictate the answer to the second letter; then the third, and then the fourth; he would then continue with the first where he left off and by that time, the second would be ready to take dictation and so forth.

Mawlānā Żafaruddīn who was sitting there watching all this says that he was literally sweating at this relay, and in the middle of all this, another person [not in the group of scribes] asked a question – and Alahazrat answered his question as well.

Alahazrat finished replying to all the 29 letters in a relatively short time.

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