Computational Skill

On another occasion, Shaykh Muĥammad Kichauchawī[1] who usually handled fatāwā related to inheritance, had to calculate the shares of fifteen branches (and their descendants) in the family tree. He took a whole day to compile his answer and came to Alahazrat for verification. The question was read out to Alahazrat that fifteen members of a line had all died leaving behind a number of descendants, whose names were read out. No sooner had Shaykh Muĥammad finished reading the question and listed the names, Alahazrat began to pronounce the shares: A gets so much, B gets so much, and so forth effectively verifying Shaykh Muĥammad’s answer.

[1] Muĥaddith Aáżam Hind; student of Mawlānā Waşīy Aĥmad and father of Shaykhu’l Islam Mawlana Madani Miyan.

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