Alahazrat as an Orator

Alahazrat would not make speeches and when he did, it was usually when he was forced by others to speak. He would begin by saying: “I am a man who is incapable of preaching to my own self – how can I give counsel to others? However, if any of you wishes to inquire of a legal [sharaýī] ruling, I will answer – if I know the answer; because it is obligatory to answer questions related to the sharīáh, when one knows the answer.”

Sometimes, he would just read from the books of elders, when asked to make a speech; even though he was himself a great scholar and had an impressive memory [and could speak extempore without referring to books].

He once made a speech in Badā’ūn, explaining the Sūrah Đuĥā and spoke continuously for six hours without a break.

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