Alahazrat Debating Tafzilis

Once a group of tafđīlīs[1] conspired to corner Alahazrat when he was ill and knew that he had taken a laxative and was unable to go out that day; they challenged him for a debate and he promptly accepted it. The paramedic urged him not to accept it, as it was risky to go out in this condition; Alahazrat refused to stay back and said: “I would rather die debating than refusing to debate.” Alahazrat challenged his opponents by listing thirty questions, which they could not answer and remained unanswered. This was published in the monograph Fat’ĥ e Khaybar.

[1] Those who claim that Sayyidunā Álī (radiAllahu anhu) is higher in rank than Sayyidunā Abū Bakr (radiAllahu anhu).

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