Alahazrat and Gandhi

During the Khilāfat Movement, many Muslims were attracted to Mohandas Gandhi, and a major Sunni scholar had also approved of his proposal [to join together putting aside differences of religion]. Encouraged by the latter scholar’s joining the movement, a person came to Alahazrat with a message from Gandhi that he wished to come to Bareilly to meet and discuss some issues with him. Alahazrat replied: “What will Gandhi discuss with me? Will those be religious matters or worldly issues? [What can Gandhi talk to me about religious matters?] What do I have to do with worldly matters? As far as worldly issues are concerned, I have renounced things related to my own self”.[1]

[1] Dr. Mukhtāruddīn Aĥmad Ārzoo, Former Dean, Faculty of Arts, Aligarh Muslim University. Anwār e Razā, p366.

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