Alahazrat Avoiding Royals

Alahazrat Imam Ahmad Rida Khan avoided meeting princes and royalty. Shāh Mahdī Ĥasan had once invited the Nawab of Rampur,[1] who was eager to meet Alahazrat, and sent a message to Alahazrat seeking his consent; but Alahazrat refused to go. On another occasion, during a stopover at Bareilly, the Nawab sent his chamberlain with a gift of 1500 rupees, requesting an audience; Alahazrat, stood in the doorway and told the chamberlain, without even inviting him inside: “Please take this [money] back and tell him that my poor abode is not worthy of receiving royal guests, nor am I acquainted with the manners of the court that I may present myself.”

[1] Nawab Ĥāmid Álī Khān.

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