Hadayiq e Bakh’shish

Ĥadāyiq e Bakh’shish
Gardens of Salvation

A two-volume collection of the Imām’s devotional poetry in the praise of the Prophet şallAllāhu álayhi wa sallam and other hymns. The first volume contains 80 poems and 8 quatrains; the second volume contains 39 poems and 13 quatrains. It is beautiful, sublime and a most eloquent anthology of the Prophet’s şallAllāhu álayhi wa sallam praise in Urdu. This is a showcase of the Imāms poetical talent and his command of Arabic, Persian and Urdu. It includes the famous Ode of Salutation or the Salām; Its popularity in the Subcontinent and the diaspora is no less than that of Qaşīdah Burdah. Every religious meeting of Sunnis ends with this beautiful Salām, whose opening lines are:

               muşţafā jān e raĥmat pey lākhoñ salām
               shamá e bazm e hidāyat pey lākhoñ salām