Fatawa al-Haramayn

Fatāwā al-Ĥaramayn bi Rajafi Nadwatu’l Mayn
Rulings of the Two Sanctuaries Quaking the Foundations of Deceptive Assembly

A collection of fatāwā refuting the Nadwah and its conglomerate of assorted heretics: Wahabīs, Rāfīđīs and Naturalists. This association was formed to unify Sunni scholars, but instead turned out to be a quasi-perennialist128 society. Alahazrat and many Sunni scholars distanced themselves after the first conference, and refuted the Nadwah. This is a fatwā answering 28 questions and Alahazrat wrote it in merely twenty hours; this was sent to prominent scholars in the Ĥaramayn who attested it and praised the author.



128 Where perennialists argue that “all religions lead to truth,” Nadwa claimed to unify all who say lā ilāha illā Allāh, irrespective of their orientations, aberrations or heresies.