Fuyudat al-Malikiyyah

Al-Fuyūđāt al-Malikiyyah li Muĥibbi’d Dawlati’l Makkiyyah
The Royal Effluence for the Admirer of the Meccan Dominion
These are extensive footnotes and annotations to the book Dawlatu’l Makkiyyah. He expanded it further and refuted objections in the book Ghayatu’l Ma-mūl of Mawlānā Barzanjī, and a refutation of those who deceived the sayyid by accusing Alahazrat that he believed that the knowledge of Allāh táālā and of RasūlAllāh sallallahualayhiwasallam were the same and the only difference being pre-eternal and accident.123  Deobandis repeat this lie often; and this is what Abu’l Ĥasan Nadawi also wrote in Nuz’hatu’l Khawāţir.124  Alahazrat wrote two more annotations named Inbā’a al-Ĥayy anna Kalāmahu’l Maşūnu Tibyānan Li Kullī Shayy and Ĥāsim al-Muftarīy ála’s Sayyidi’l Barīy.



123 Alahazrat’s clarification is mentioned in a footnote of Preamble to Faith (2011).
124 Abu’l Ĥasan al-Nadawi, Nuz’hatu’l Khawāţir, 8/1180:“..and he believed that RasulAllah sallallahualayhiwasallam had complete knowledge of the unseen.”