Dawlah al-Makkiyyah

Al-Dawlah al-Makkiyyah bi’l Māddah al-Ghaybiyyah
The Meccan Jubilation of Unseen Aid 1


A treatise on the extensiveness of the knowledge of the Prophet sallallahualayhiwasallam which he wrote in Makkah in merely eight hours and within two days upon the request of prominent Makkan scholars, Shaykh Ismāýīl Khalīl and Shaykh Muĥammad Saýīd Bābuşayl and as a response to objections raised by Wahabis in the assembly of the Sharīf 2 of Makkah. The scholars of Ĥaramayn and those who visited Ĥaramayn in the following years, have written glittering recommendations which include prominent scholars like Imām Yusuf al-Nab’hānī. Incidentally, the book was delayed by a day because of his meeting with the great Moroccon ĥadīth scholar, Sayyid Ábd al-Hayy al-Kattanī (which is also mentioned in the latter’s Fahras al-Fahāris).



1.There is an interesting background to this name which I have explained in another paper. The name can also mean: Meccan Jubilation concerning the issue of (knowledge of) the unseen.

2 The Sharīf of Mecca was the title of the former governors of Hejaz and a traditional steward of the holy cities of Mecca and Medina. The Sharīf was a descendant of the Prophet  sallallahualayihiwasallam. In those days Álī Pāshā was the Sharīf [1905 CE].