Amn wa’l Ula

Al-Amn wa’l Úlā li Nāýiti’l Muşţafā bi Dāfiý al-Balā’a
Safety and Sublimity for praising Muşţafā as the Remover of Affliction
Deobandis present one face to Arab Sunni scholars and another face to the public in the subcontinent. A specific salawat known as the Durūd Tāj is widely recited in litanies. Rashid Gangohi and other Deobandis 125 claimed that it contained statements of polytheism because it includes the phrase ‘Remover of Affliction’ referring to RasūlAllāh şallAllāhu álayhi wa sallam. Alahazrat refuted this by quoting approximately 60 verses and more than 200 ĥadīth and opinions of scholars, proving that Muşţafā şallAllāhu álayhi wa sallam is indeed a remover of affliction.



 125 See Fatāwā Rashidiyyah and Bihishti Zeywar.